What would be the best surface treatment for my project?

This depends on where the steel is located!

If the steel is exposed to the harsh outdoor elements or you’re in an area close to the ocean, then we would recommend the steel finish is hot dip galvanised.

If the steel is to be covered by a form of cladding (e.g. bricks, plasterboard, etc) or is entirely indoors, then we would recommend a standard Zinc Oxide paint finish.

We also offer powder-coating or epoxy coating services if you require a coloured finish. These finishes come in many different colours to match your aesthetic requirements.

Yes, all of the above.

We can Zinc Prime steel in-house if required.  We also offer galvanising and powder-coating treatments by engaging specialist companies who provide these surface treatments for us on a regular basis. Surface treatments are an important consideration to your steel, so please contact us should you require any advice or additional information about surface treatments.

No. We only work with mild steel, however we have a network of other trusted suppliers that we can recommend or help organise for you.

Yes, we offer MIG welding and OXY cutting for installation service and repairs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Yes, installing our structural steel is a regular component of most projects. We have more than 30 years experience in installing structural steel and we also engage highly experienced and fully licensed riggers to assist with more complex projects.

Yes, we deliver structural steel to site and will always aim to work within your schedule. This is extremely important if you are coordinating with other trades on site.

Alternatively, if you wish to collect your items from our workshop, we will advise when they are available for collection.

Our payment terms are 14 days from date of invoice. Projects may require a 10% deposit on acceptance of a quote. Regular progress payment claims will be issued until completion of works is achieved and a final payment claim is issued.

Not usually. We prefer to focus our efforts on delivering a high-quality and accurate product, excellent customer service and an overall professional experience.

Cheaper quotes may be the result of inferior quality steel (that may not have met Australian Standards), incorrect budgeting or under-estimating time and cost, which may ultimately lead to problems and delays to your project. Cheaper is not always better!

To obtain a quote, you can either call us directly on (07) 5476 7902, email us at [email protected] or use the online enquiry form. Please attach any drawings or plans you may have which will assist our estimating team.