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Covering All Your Steel Needs

Coasteel Engineering offers a comprehensive range of services relating to steel fabrication and installation to allow customisation and ensure all project requirements are met.

The Coasteel team comprises qualified project managers, tradesman boilermakers, draftsman, estimators and professional administration staff. Coasteel also works closely with experienced contractors including steel detailers, licensed riggers and crane drivers.

Other Services:

Read more about other services offered by Coasteel Engineering below.

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Estimating and Detailing

Coasteel can provide accurate cost estimates to better quote for your project. The estimators have many years experience in the industry and an in-depth understanding of the time and costs associated with projects of all sizes including complex developments. Accurate budgeting ensures there are no unexpected costs or delays to your project.

Whether you have existing drawings or require our in-house drafting services, the team can also use their specialist 3D computer software to supply precise drawings.

Larger projects require that little bit extra time, so Coasteel contracts to their panel of highly skilled steel detailers. The combined experience and technology ensures the timely delivery and quality of drawings.

If you require estimating or drafting for structural steel fabrication, contact one of the friendly Coasteel Engineering team members today.

On-Site Welding

Onsite welding is a crucial part of the steel installation process. Coasteel’s experienced team of boilermakers can provide onsite welding, oxy cutting, repairs and installation services. The team can service almost any location in Queensland, including areas that are not mains power equipped.

The Coasteel team can service and repair mild steel for custom welding jobs, MIG welding, as well as OXY cutting. Onsite repairs also include structural steel works, gates, railings, fencing, carports and patios. 

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Surface Treatments

Coasteel Engineering likes to ensure your steel looks good too. The type of surface treatment will depend on where the steel is located, as well as any aesthetic requirements.

Importantly, steel needs to be able to withstand the harsh Australian climate, which is why the team can arrange for your fabricated products to be hot-dipped galvanised to protect against corrosion.

Galvanised steel is used as an alternative to stainless steel and offers effective corrosion resistance. Combining hot-dipped galvanising with specialised paint coating system creates a highly durable product. 

For aesthetic finishes, the team can powder coat or complete specialised paint coating to match specific colour requirements. Coasteel also offers Zinc primer – Dulux PR 9 painting and hot-zinc spraying for any steel product. Contact one of the team members for further information on surface treatments and what is suitable for your project.

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Delivery, Installation and Rigging

Coasteel Engineering is a one-stop shop for steel fabrication and installation. The team works with you from the initial enquiry through to completion of the project, including the delivery and installation of the product.

We can deliver and install all structural steel thanks to the strong network of experienced truck drivers, riggers and crane drivers – all with current high-risk licenses and insurances.

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